Fat Burner Combo (One Month Supply)

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"Flash" Fat Burner Combo
You've NEVER tried anything like this combination.  INA-FLASH-247 contains new clinically tested weight loss ingredients and a new form of Chromium that helps with Weight Loss. Combined with the best Metabolic Maintenance support product META-21; with digestive enzymes, detoxification, and weight loss acceleration. They help each other support a healthier you.  

Try them together...Try them today with absolutely no risk guarantee.

Here are just a few of the benefits you may experience:

  • Burn Body Fat - Reduce fat stores
  • Reduce body weight and waist and hip circumference.
  • Help control appetite by controlling overeating 
  • Help maintain and restore normal blood sugar support
  • Reduce fatigue, and revitalize body, and boost energy levels
  • Help maintain cholesterol level within the normal range
  • Support healthy cardiovascular function
  • Powerful, broad spectrum antioxidant to protect cells
  • Protect against the breakdown of skin collagenic proteins 
  • Protect against the visible signs of aging
  • Can begin to lose weight or inches in as little as two weeks*

Clinical trials on patented ingredients in INA-FLASH247 have shown that the amounts in this product CAN help you lose weight and feel great.  INA-FLASH247 must be taken AS DIRECTED in order to expect similar results.  Results will vary for each customer. INA-FLASH-247 also contains about the same amount of caffeine per 2 capsule dose as a small cup of coffee.

Recommended dosage:
For 'Flash' take 2 capsules 2 times daily; preferably 2 capsules before or with breakfast and 2 capsules in the early afternoon with a full glass of water. Taking late in the day may cause sleepless, though most customers do not have this issue.
Take 1 capsule of Meta-21 before each meal. May be increased to 2 capsules to help reduce bloating and water retention.

*When taken as directed; Flash can provide a faster weight reduction result, as you exercise and eat healthier. Some customers have reported losing 2-3 pounds after just the first 2 weeks. Taking Flash longer and getting at least 30 min exercise such as walking daily, can increase your weight loss and having a better chance of keeping it off by losing at a steady slower rate.

* This product and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.