"I Love the Lather!" Goat Milk Basic Gift Set

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"I Love the Lather!" Goat Milk Basic Gift Set

This Gift Set comes with one 4 oz. bar soap of your choice and one soap lifter soap holder (for use in shower or soap dish to keep the soap high and dry, so it will last longer). Packed in a premium stamped bag as an added bonus!

The Soap lathers incredibly well and is so mild and non drying; it is wonderful for dry, cracked and eczema skin. Gentle enough for children, powerful enough for men! 

Natural ingredients with Natural coloring.

It's not just soap, it's an experience!

Try it today and see for yourself!


Soap choices:
Cleopatra's Mud Bath, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Patchouli Oil, Shampoo Bar, Simply Naked, Warm & Woodsy, Tea Tree Oil, Wild Mountain Berry(2 mini bars), Peppermint Zing, Lavender Bud.

Soap Lifter Soap Holder Choices:
Crystal, Bone, White

(Goat Milk Products and Accessories are not a part of the Free Products program)